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Whole House Humidifiersfor Health, Energy Savings and a Happy Home

Homes in Joliet, Illinois and vicinity have become more tightly built and are better insulated against the bitter cold of winter. Home heating has greatly improved as well; so well, that the amount of humidity in the average household air now literally duplicates the humidity of the driest desert.

The dry air of the home plus a lack of circulation of the stale indoor air makes an excellent breeding ground for colds and flu’s, allergies, respiratory problems as well as dry and itchy skin. The super dry air also affects the health of your pets and even your houseplants.

Numerous studies have also shown that when humidity is added to household air, the air is easier to heat and the home feels warmer. Obviously, when a home feels warmer it can cut down on energy costs.

However, there are many additional benefits to the home other than lower heating costs. When Lockwood Furnace installs Trane whole house humidification, the added moisture level prevents window frames and door jams from shrinking, wood floors from cracking and helps prevent damage to furniture and even musical instruments.

Lockwood Furnace has installed Trane whole house humidifiers in Briarwood, Homer Glen, Oswego and all points in-between! We have made installations of both product lines as part of new central heating and cooling systems, or we have retro-fitted whole house humidifiers into existing HVAC products. You and your household will immediately feel the benefits of humidifying the air.

Please contact us for more information on Trane Whole House Humidification and how humidification can make a huge difference in the health of family members, the health of pets, and in lowering energy bills.