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Lockwood Furnace CompanyJoliet’s Leading High Efficiency Furnace Experts

We know furnaces, and not just because “Furnace” is part of our name. Since 1932, we have installed furnaces throughout Joliet and the surrounding suburbs in virtually every home, commercial and industrial setting you can imagine.

We know furnaces by what they do, rather than how they look. When we install a furnace for a customer, we do so with all of the experience, integrity and trust that can only come after more than 80 years of dedication to thousands of satisfied customers; often to the children and grandchildren of satisfied customers before them.

Being in business as long as we have, we have had numerous opportunities to install many brands of furnaces. We almost always turn them down. Lockwood Furnace installs only Trane. From every standpoint that counts, Trane is the best. Are Trane Furnaces more expensive than the budget brands? Yes. Over time, will they save you more money in terms of lower energy costs and higher efficiency than the budget brands? Absolutely!

The Only Brands We Install in Our Own Homes and Business

Whether you make your home or business in Elwood or Shorewood, you know what our winters are like. The bitter cold is bad enough, but when the household has newborns or toddlers or those who are very elderly, cold weather is dangerous. To entrust your household to a poor furnace that always manages to break down or to a furnace that wastes thousands of dollars in energy costs is just not wise. Trane makes high efficiency furnaces that are reliable, easy to operate and will save you money year after year. Lockwood Furnace HVAC technicians agree that when it comes to their homes, if given the choice, they would choose Trane every single time.

Please contact us for more information and ask us about current rebate offers on Trane heating systems.

Lockwood Furnace is proud to be certified as a Trane Comfort Specialist

Furnance Installation
Furnance Installation
Furnance Installation