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Lockwood Furnace CompanyDuctless HVAC for Joliet, Illinois and Vicinity

Lockwood Furnace has installed high velocity or mini-duct/mini-split HVAC systems throughout Joliet, Morris, Naperville and many other communities. We recommend and install Trane mini-split products for their quality, durability and ease of use. Lockwood Furnace can help you decide on the best mini-duct system for your needs.

What is a Mini-Duct/Mini-Split System?

The Mini-Split HVAC system doesn’t need ductwork to circulate cooler or heated air as do most HVAC systems. The system uses small, flexible tubes that go directly from the outside unit into the room or rooms you wish. It is also sometimes referred to as a high velocity system for its ability to very quickly cool or heat a room however; it is really very gentle in how the cool or warm air comes through the ports. The flexible tubing for the mini-split heating and cooling system can be run inside walls and in other tight spaces. It is the system of choice for old homes or historic buildings.

Why Lockwood Furnace Indoor Comfort Customers Love High Velocity

Trane ductless systems are very fast and efficient. There is no need to run the HVAC all day; for example, in summer the system can quickly cool a bedroom as opposed to cooling the room when you’re not home. In winter, it heats a room quickly as well. The mini-split HVAC system is very quiet in use and does not disturb the household.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Lockwood Furnace representative for more details on the mini-split high velocity, ductless, air conditioning and heating system.