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Lockwood Furnace Companyand High Efficiency Boiler Installation

When Lockwood Furnace was founded, the concept of HVAC or high energy efficiencies had not yet come into existence. 80 years ago, especially in Greater Chicago, the boiler powered and built great American businesses, and to this day, boilers are an essential part of commercial, residential and industrial applications. These applications include central heating, power generation, cooking, and even sanitation.

There are no substitutes for training and experience when it comes to proper boiler installation. When Lockwood Furnace installs a boiler in an Oswego dry cleaning store or a Romeoville restaurant, the installation is backed by generations of hands-on experience and thousands of hours of classroom training. Our boiler installation technicians are on our Joliet-based staff; they are not private contractors.

What is the Best New Boiler for Your Home or Business?

Boilers need to be carefully selected for their particular application. Although Lockwood Furnace can install any make or model of boiler, our boiler installation recommendations are always based on quality, efficiency, reliability, safety and ease of maintenance and that is why we endorse Trane boilers. Over the many years we have been replacing boilers, we have been approached by many companies to represent them. We are loyal to Trane because they are the best – we refuse to install a boiler we would not want for our own homes and businesses. We will always guide you to the Trane boiler choice that is best for you and for your budget.

Please contact us for more information on boiler installation and our complete boiler maintenance servicing program.