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We Believe in Trane Air Conditioners…and They Believe in Lockwood

After more than 80 years of replacing heating and cooling systems throughout Joliet, Illinois and the surrounding suburbs, we have come to understand the air conditioner problems unique to the hot and humid Chicago suburban climate. In fact, Lockwood started out in business a few years before commercial air conditioning had even been introduced. While we can’t prove that we installed Joliet’s very first air conditioner, we were pretty close!

We look at air conditioners from the inside – out. We know which air conditioning systems work year in and year out – and those not worth the money. We strictly install Trane air conditioners because as HVAC experts we believe in the quality of their cooling products and the integrity of both companies.

Over the many years we have been replacing central air, we cannot begin to tell you how many cut-rate ac systems we have replaced with Trane air conditioners. Cheap systems just aren’t worth it; not only do they more frequently break down, but they are energy inefficient. Whether you live or have your business in Joliet, Yorkville or Wilmington, you know what has happened to energy costs! Over the years, it’s a guarantee that a good central air conditioner will outperform a budget system in terms of energy savings.

Things Have Changed in Our Weather Patterns and in Our Residences

Why install a great Trane central air conditioning unit? If you live here, you know that our summer air has gotten hotter, more humid and filled with more allergens. For those who suffer from summer allergies, a great air conditioner is no longer a luxury but a necessity. If your household has a newborn or a toddler or an elderly person with respiratory problems, a great air conditioning system can make all the difference between comfort and discomfort.

Our houses have changed too. When Lockwood Furnace started out in business, homes and commercial buildings were “leaky” and usually cooled by rickety fans and screens. Homes have become “tight” and more insulated; heat can really build up. Central air conditioning is important to have – and a good system is even more important.

We will be pleased to discuss the merits of replacing Trane Air Conditioners Air Conditioners in your home or business. Please contact us for more information and ask us about current rebate offers on Trane cooling systems.

Lockwood Furnace is proud to be certified as a Trane Comfort Specialist