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Lockwood Furnace RecommendsAir Cleaning for Healthy Joliet Homes and Businesses

Whether you live in Joliet, Illinois, Channahon or Plainfield, clean air is no longer a luxury, but a priority whether summer or winter. Purified air is essential for many reasons; air cleaning removes mold, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander and industrial pollutants. Air cleaning helps us breathe and allows us more restful sleep. While this is a good thing for most households, it is very important in a household where there are infants or toddlers, the elderly with breathing problems, and those with allergies or respiratory diseases.

Let Lockwood Help You Choose the Best Air Cleaning System

Air cleaning is accomplished in several ways depending upon the particular needs of the home or business. Air purifiers work to eliminate virus, bacteria, molds and even chemicals from the air. They are a combination of UV lights along with HEPA air filtration. Different sized models work to clean different sized rooms. However, some air purifiers are meant to clean a “fixed object” rather than moving air.

An electronic air cleaner works differently. The air cleaner cleans electronically by passing a charge over the air and the charge works to remove harmful contaminants like a magnet. The air cleaner is effective in removing odors from industrial or chemical sources. As Trane Comfort Specialists we will be pleased to discuss all of the great options and advantages of Trane air cleaning products. Lockwood Furnace has installed both Trane air purifiers and air cleaners as part of a new HVAC system or we have retrofitted existing heating and cooling systems.

Please contact us for more information on air purification and how it can greatly help the health of your family, especially those suffering from allergies.