Heating and Cooling
for Shorewood IL
Serving You Since 1932
Heating and
Cooling for
Shorewood Il
Serving You Since 1932

Heating and Cooling for Shorewood il

When Shorewood was first considering incorporation back in 1931, Lockwood Furnace was just about to incorporate as well! We have been serving Shorewood’s heating and air conditioning needs since 1932. You don’t get to be in business this long without making a lot of customers happy, whether in Shorewood or a nearby community. We are very proud of how our customers rate our many services.

We were installing and servicing boilers and furnaces in Shorewood long before the word HVAC had even been invented! Lockwood Furnaces will always work hard to find the best solution for any Shorewood HVAC problem. We understand that no furnace or ac problem is ever as important as your problem, and we will solve it. We are proud of our honesty and ethical behavior, and we do the work you need for peace of mind and reliability on those cold wintery nights off the shore in those sweltering days of summer. We have grown with the heating and cooling industry, but we have never forgotten our roots. We were, and remain, a family business that is part of the Shorewood community.

There isn’t a home, business or industrial heating and cooling challenge in Shorewood that our team members haven’t seen. We can service, repair, or even retrofit virtually any HVAC system made.

Attention Shorewood: Lockwood Furnace has 24 Hour EMERGENCY SERVICE throughout Shorewood for any heating or cooling problem. You call us, and we will be there as quickly as possible. We also maintain and service any air conditioner, furnace, boiler, or other piece of HVAC equipment to keep your home or business in top shape on an appointment or plan basis.

Trane: Best Heating and Cooling Systems throughout Shorewood

Lockwood Furnace is certified as a Trane Comfort Specialist. We recommend and install the complete line of Trane HVAC products throughout Shorewood. We install only the very best equipment. You see, we know heating and cooling from the inside-out. Trane is always our recommended choice. We have seen far too many of the so-called Big Box store or budget brands fail. They are energy wasters and highly inefficient! A good system will pay for its slightly higher price over time in energy savings.

Nevertheless, the best furnaces, boilers and cooling units are only as good as the experts who install and maintain them. Our factory trained HVAC techs are exceptional people. They have repaired, serviced, maintained, and installed central air, furnaces, boilers and other HVAC systems throughout Shorewood. We are proud of them!

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