Heating and Cooling
for Oswego IL
Serving You Since 1932
Heating and
Cooling for
Oswego Il
Serving You Since 1932

Heating and Cooling for Oswego il

With the rapid growth of Oswego over the recent years along with Oswego’s mixture of beautiful historic and modern homes and businesses, makes Oswego’s HVAC challenges interesting to say the least! Lockwood Furnace has been serving the HVAC needs of the Oswego area since 1932. In fact, we were replacing and servicing boilers and furnaces before the word HVAC had even been invented! We like to think we have grown with the heating and cooling industry and in a way; the industry has grown with us. Yet, we have never forgotten our roots. We were, and remain, a family business that is part of the Oswego community.

Lockwood Furnace has worked in Oswego to service, repair and install central heating and air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, whole house humidifiers, mini-duct systems and air cleaning and purifying products. There isn’t a residential or business HVAC challenge in Oswego that our professional technicians haven’t seen. We can service, repair, or even retrofit virtually any heating and cooling system made.

Oswego Emergency Service! Lockwood Furnace offers dependable 24-hour emergency service for Oswego for any heating or cooling problem, as well as maintenance and servicing to keep any air conditioner, furnace, boiler or other piece of HVAC equipment in perfect running order.

Our Technicians Install Quality Trane Products

Lockwood Furnace is proud to be certified as a Trane Comfort Specialist. We have recommended and installed the complete line of Trane HVAC products throughout Oswego. We have been in business since the 1930s and we know heating and cooling from the inside-out. Trane is always the first choice because we have seen their products perform where it counts – in your home and business.

However, the best furnaces, boilers and air conditioners are only as good as the experts who install them. Our HVAC techs are exceptional in their training and ethical behavior. Our HVAC techs have repaired, serviced, maintained, and installed central air, furnaces, boilers and other HVAC systems throughout Oswego. They have proven themselves and we are proud of them.

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