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Serving You Since 1932
About Us
Serving You Since 1932

About Lockwood Furance

Why Lockwood Furnace Company Has Never Changed Its Name

Over the past 90 years, we must admit that from time to time, we have been tempted to change our name to something maybe a little fancier, high tech or catchier. Harlow Lockwood, the third generation of Lockwood’s to own the company puts his foot down and says, “No!” every time the subject comes up.

You see, when we were founded, whole house air conditioners anywhere in Greater Chicago were only a dream, and whole house humidifiers or air cleaners, were not even science fiction! At the time, we only repaired, serviced, and installed furnaces and boilers, because that is all we had. Over the years our HVAC technicians became experts in air conditioning, whole house humidifiers, air cleaners and air purifiers. Of course, we install air conditioners, air cleaners and humidifiers. As a matter of fact, we are authorized dealers of Trane air conditioning. Our technicians are Trane Comfort Specialists and have received the finest training in the industry.

Lockwood Furnace Company - Joliet IL

Heating and Cooling Services for Greater Chicago

The name Lockwood Furnace has been Chicagoland’s most trusted name in home comfort since 1932. We have grown into a large company, but we will never forget our humble roots and what our grandfather stood for all those years ago. So, when you need help with your heating or cooling system, we will always be here for you.

Lockwood Furnace and the Joliet Community

We are indebted to all our customers, and we feel it is important to give back to the community where we do business. Among our support of the community are the Harlow Lockwood Softball Fields. We will never forget your trust in Lockwood Furnace.

We are always pleased to answer your questions. Please contact us for more information on any of Lockwood’s heating and cooling services.

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